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          Shenyang Site Translation and Consultation Co., Ltd. is a professional translation and consultation corporation co-founded by the talents who have studied abroad or those who have returned from foreign countries. We specialize in providing translation service and economic information consultation service for the government departments, foreign embassies and consulates, multinational companies, joint ventures, enterprises and institutions, agencies for foreign studies and emigration, Internet media, publishing agencies, etc.
          All the main founders of the company have studied or worked in USA, Germany, Japan, etc. Years of struggle overseas makes them occupied with sound social relationship and professional background. Our fixed goal at the starting line is to have high professional starting point, cover broad region, cooperate among the profession, accelerate the industrialization of the translation undertaking in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City, and provide excellent service for the economic development in Liaoning Province and Shenyang City. At present, our company has established friendly cooperation relationship with three translation organizations in Japan and Germany. We are negotiating with the translation and consultation organizations in the countries and regions such as USA and Australia. In China, we have established alliance with famous translation organizations in the other places like Beijing Orient Translation Factory. We have readjusted the fine resources in the translation circle domestic and abroad and built a competent full-time and part-time translation group, in order to meet the demands of reconstruction of Liaoning and Shenyang old Industrial Base, the demands of inviting the outside investment and the new economic situation. The comprehensive business office system supported by the Internet, in which, the domestic part and the international part is complementary to each other, is the necessary condition for our company to break the obstruction of the time and space in the translation business.
           “We do not seek to be the largest and all-round, but we quest for precise and perfect in our business”, this is the orientation of our Site set by the old and new people returned from abroad. Therefore, we will concentrate our main business on the two areas --- translation and consultation.   
          Translation: Our business will touch on mechanism, chemistry, power industry, metallurgy, architecture, communications, Internet, automatic control, military, finance, management, insurance, medical treatment, commercial affairs, law, medicine, and etc.

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